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In a way this is a new beginning for me (at least in the blogging relm). This journey of life had it’s beginning over 30 years ago, and that in essence was my true beginning. But this ‘beginning’ journey is something new. Something I hope to portray in my blog posts here in the next few weeks. I am constantly learning new things to better my life and quality of life and would enjoy sharing that knowledge with you.

I have read and spoken with many people about health & wellness and find the information out there to be abundant but confusing (at times) to read through. This past week I have tried many new recipes and posted pictures to my instigram account as well as Facebook. The responses I have received made me realize that many are on this particular journey as well.

I have two other blogs which represent one of my passions and gifts in life, working with children. This blog I created but haven’t started yet (March of 2013) because I was pondering what to put here. After moving last week I realized another of my passions is food and health. Thus, I am planning to use this blog as a sounding board for my thoughts of what I learn along the way. It will be simply me; homemade cleaners, delicious healthy recipes, thought provoking articles, etc..

This is a big step for me, opening up about my own health and struggles. As a human I have often worried what others may think, but more importantly I would like to help and be helped, which ultimately inspired me to share this. We live in an independent, individualistic society, which I do not believe necessarily befits our health. In part this is why I have chosen to reach out via blogging to create a community of support.

A little history: Upon moving to Colorado I saw a nutritionist and discovered (not much to my surprise) that I have adrenal challenges. This makes working out a challenge as I often find myself so lethargically tired after that I sleep for 2 hours!? (for a girl that loves to run and ran a marathon years ago, this has had its tearful moments). Also found out that I am gluten intolerant (although tests came back as negative, it is thought to be a false negative. But this is a post for another time?) Thus, much of the recipes I post here will likely be GF.

My hope is that you will either follow or join me on this journey! Lets weed through the array of confusing information together and find wellness, health, peace, happiness, and wonderful recipes along the way! 🙂

I welcome comments and will approve comments which add to discussion in a supportive and uplifting manner. Is there a recipe you have wanted to tackle but haven’t found the time or patience for? A question about health we can research together? Pass it on and I may try it out, or read up on it,  and post results here (I enjoy cooking during my hours off …hint, hint 😉 )

To my health and yours!

Nanny G

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.



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